• All cake and cupcake orders must be sent through via email through the late night baker website at least 7 days before the date required.

  • Rush orders (within 7 days) incur a ‘Rush Order Fee’ of $20.

  • Minimum cake orders is for 12 people.

  • Minimum cupcake orders is one dozen with a limit of one cupcake flavour and two buttercream flavours.

  • Minimum mini cupcake orders is two dozen with a limit of one mini cupcake flavour and two buttercream flavours.

  • All order forms must be filled in as accurately and detailed as possible to process orders more efficiently. This will in turn reduce any risk of design errors to the order as well.

  • Quoting: A limit of one quote will be provided to all customers, with only one amend for any changes to any aspect of the order. If a customer makes more than one amend after a quote is provided, an additional charge of $5 per amend will be applied to the finalised quote.

  • the late night baker does not offer tastings for orders other than Wedding orders.

  • All orders must be picked up unless delivery has been agreed upon and paid for in advance.

  1. Delivery fees apply and the customer will be advised of the fees during the order process.

  2. the late night baker only provides delivery for tiered cakes. There may be some flexibility with deliveries, but this is subject to availability and location.

  • If the date for your order changes, please advise the late night baker immediately via email.

Children’s Cupcake Decorating Classes: the late night baker offers kids cupcake decorating classes of 1.5 - 2hrs for children between the ages of 8 and 13yrs. The class starts at a base fee of $220 for a class that caters to 10 children. The maximum amount of children who can attend the class is 12. $22 per child up to 10 children and $25 per child after 10 participants. An additional amount of $80 will be charged prior to the class as a set up and clean up fee. Depending on the customers location for the class, a travel fee of $0.80 per kilometre and a travel time to and from fee will be added to the total amount that is to be paid in full prior to the class date.


  • To confirm and secure an order, a non-refundable 50% deposit is to be paid to the late night baker’s bank account which is provided on all customer invoices. Remaining 50% payment to be made no later than 7 days prior to order pick-up/delivery.

  • To confirm and secure an order within 4 weeks of the order pick up/delivery date, full payment is required upon receipt of invoice.

  • Once paid in full, if an order is cancelled within 14 days of the order date, only 50% can be refunded back to the customer.

  • Once the order is paid in full, if cancelled within 7 days of order pick-up/delivery, there will be no refund, due to preparation time and supplier costs.

  • All payments to be made via bank transfer.

Liability: the late night baker is not liable for...

  • Damage to an order after pick-up/delivery.

  • If a customer or someone consuming the order ingests a non-edible addition to the cake that should have been removed before eating: eg. Flowers, cake dowels, toothpicks, cake topper, flower wire.

  • If a customer is unsatisfied with their order they must advise the late night baker upon pick up/delivery to request a refund of no more than 50% of the order cost, not including delivery fee or any additional charges incurred due to either a Rush Order Fee or quote amend surpassing the agreed upon one amend.

  • If a customer has an allergic reaction to an order, the late night baker takes no responsibility: the late night baker explains to all customers before they confirm their order that it is impossible to guarantee there are no traces of the 'requested removed allergen' in the cake due to all baking equipment coming in contact with many foods considered to be an allergen, eg: raw egg, nuts, wheat etc. Please note that there could be traces of allergens in any cakes ordered.

Intellectual Property

  • the late night baker does not do exact replications of other cake makers work but will try to meet the customers design expectations without infringing on intellectual property rights.

  • Photos are taken for every order and may be used on the late night bakers social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Website.

  • the late night baker will always request to use customers photos if they have been provided to the late night baker.

  • All posts/reposts of the late night bakers works must be credited when being used on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook.

Serving Size

  • Upon ordering, the customer must advise on how many people they require their order to cater to. When defining portion sizes for cakes the customer will have two options of a dessert sized piece and finger sized piece; eg. wedding cake piece size. Please note that the amount of cake needed is an estimation and not guaranteed to be exact.

  • the late night baker is not responsible if a cake shortage occurs if cake pieces are cut larger than the agreed upon measurements.

  • the late night baker will be responsible in determining the overall measurements of a cake order according to the information provided by the customer.