Welcome to my very first blog post

I can’t tell you just how excited I am that you’re reading this!

I’ve been eager to begin writing my own blog for quite a while now and am thrilled that I’ve finally gotten my whisk into gear and began whipping up delicious blog posts for you to feast on! I didn’t realise it would only take me all of two sentences to begin using food puns but I guess it will give you a ‘flavour’ for what’s in stall from my future posts.

Writing and sharing isn’t new to me, as I have written hundreds of social media posts, however, blogging feels a little different. My usual social media posts share a lot about my cakes, new designs and a little bit about my life but through blogging, I’ll be able to share so much more. So yes, it makes me feel a little vulnerable, but it also means I get to connect with you in a different way. It means I can let you into my sweet world, share my knowledge, recipes, baker tips, etc.

I want this blog to be a space that encourages conversation where you feel comfortable enough to send me an email and ask me a question, request a new recipe or to simply let me know about you! I want to get to know you more, my audience, my followers and fellow cake fans who have been following and sharing in my story from when it began in January 2017. 

So, I’ll jump straight in and explain that 2017 was a big year for me, mostly because it was the year I flipped my life on it’s head! Many of you may not know this about me but I have a degree in Social Work and worked for four years with a Non-Government Organisation in a child protection team. Oddly, that last sentence is usually a conversation starter because of how curious people are about it, and for me it was an interesting career. However, after doing the same thing for four years and driving back and forth between my home and office, I began asking myself the question “Is this all that life has to offer me?” which I soon realised was the wrong question and instead rephrased it to “isn’t it time I grabbed what life has to offer me?”. So, I did just that, I quite my very safe, very permanent and stable full-time job. It was scary and exciting all at the same time… but let’s face it, I really was not clear at all on what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to be my own boss and bake a business from scratch. “Baking pun ‘sorry’ no.1 hah.”

So, I began building my business from absolutely zip, where I knew nothing about business and not much about what it was that I wanted to build. All I knew is that I wanted something creative, fulfilling, was my own and that was food related. What you see today in my posts of wedding cakes and birthday cakes to running workshops is soooo not where I was when I began.

I began by making rocky road, baking a few cakes, creating a Facebook page, Instagram account and later down the track a website. I listened to my customers who kept asking me if I could make this cake or that cake and so I gave it a go and found that I was naturally quite good at it and also that I loved it! From there, the late night baker has been whipped up, beaten down, stirred, mixed and risen into what it is today and I’m thrilled that I kept at it. I’d definitely say that the way I did things is really not how a business should be set up and that I skipped a whole lot of essential planning that would definitely have helped me out initially and today. However, I don’t regret it because it’s brought me to you today, reading my story about how the late night baker came to be, and honestly, that’s incredibly sweet! No, I mean it, I put way too much sugar in this paragraph and I totally overshot the sweetness level ;)

Until next time…

Sweet thanks,

the late night baker

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