How do I place an order with the late night baker?

Easy! Just go to the late night baker enquire page and fill in the easy to use form with as much details as possible to receive a quote.

I’ve sent through an order form. How long will it take to receive a response?

As a sole trader, I can get very busy! I do my best to respond quickly but sometimes this does not always happen. Please be patient with my reply, I will do my best to respond as soon as I can.

Where are you located?

the late night baker is located in Ryde, NSW.

How far in advance should I put my order in?

As soon as you know you need to order something, it’s best to get in touch. It’s good to give at least 3 weeks notice though, more if possible. Orders requested within 7 days of the date the order is required, will incur a $20 rush order fee on top of the order quote... so get those orders in early!

Do I need to make a payment during the order process?

Yes. the late night baker takes a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure and confirm your order but is happy to receive full payments as well. See t&cs for all info on payments.

I have sent an order form. Does this mean my order is guaranteed?

No. Until the late night baker receives 50% deposit for your order, sending an order form is not enough to guarantee your order.

What cake and cupcake flavours do you offer?

All cake and cupcake flavours can be found listed in the enquiry form.

Do you use biodegradable/recyclable packaging?

Yes I use environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable cupcake boxes. I am working on finding a supplier who can provide me with environmentally friendly cake boxes and rocky road packages. Small steps to becoming more earth conscious. 

How do I store my cake and cupcakes after pick up?

It is always best to keep your cake in the fridge but make sure you give the cake some time out of the fridge before serving... 1-2hrs depending on the weather. 

Can my florist or I put flowers on my cake order?

Simple answer… no. With your order comes a lot of preparation, work and design skill. Each cake is it’s own arty masterpiece and I don’t really want that design to be altered by allowing someone else to add a design feature to the cake. In saying that, flowers can be provided to me by your florist prior to decorating your cake so that I can place these onto the cake for you. *Flower safety in cakes is also extremely important to me and I ensure that flower stems are safely inserted into all cakes after being wired and taped.

Do you do gluten free, vegan or lactose free cakes and cupcakes?

Yes to gluten free… however, no to other dietary requirements. the late night baker cannot guarantee orders to be completely free of dairy and animal products as all my equipment and utensils have been in contact with these ingredients in the past.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see t&Cs page for detailed information.

Do you do kids classes? How do I book?

Absolutely yes! Please see services page for more information about kids classes. To book a class, simply send through an enquiry form.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes for all wedding cakes and for some other orders depending on my availability. Please see T&Cs for additional information.

What do I do if I need to change my order?

Please email the late night baker as soon as possible to notify of any changes. Information on changes to orders and how they are dealt with can be found in detail in the t&Cs.

I don’t see a flavour on your list that I like. Can you do a custom flavour?

the late night baker will certainly try to accommodate where possible. Just get in touch and advise on the flavour you are after and you will find out whether the flavour can be made.

Can you replicate an image of a cake that I send you?

When it comes to other 'cakers' works and designs, I do not replicate. I can, however, try to create a similar look but with the late night baker’s own design flare.

Can I have a cake tasting?

Cake tasting is only available for wedding orders. Cake tastings come in a pack of six cake slices with the most popular flavours.

I have a question that was not answered here. What is the best way to contact you?

Email is the best way to get in touch if your question has not been answered here in FAQs - thelatenightbaker11@gmail.com

Can I collect my order?

Sure can! It is encouraged that all orders are picked up. Collection times can be arranged if you are unable to collect your order between the set time of 9-12am on Saturday mornings.

How do I cut my tall cake?

This is a very common question! There are three ways of cutting tall cakes.

1.     Pretend you are cutting through one cake stacked on top of another cake and only cut down about 10cm… then proceed to cut around the cake like you would a traditional cake. Once that layer is done, then move to the next and repeat.

2.     Cut through one side of the cake and lay it down onto a chopping board. Cut this long side of the cake into pieces. Depending on the width of your cake, you should be able to get 4 long slices out of a cake. 

3. Have fun with it and get messy ;)

What kind of eggs do you use in your cakes?

I believe that chickens should roam free in order to lay our precious eggs. This is why I only use free-range eggs.